Black is Back (and it's never looked better)...


First Row, Left to Right: 1) Fulton Foyer, 2) Urban Orb, 3) Brynne Pendant, 4) Ennis Lantern

Second Row, Left to Right: 1) Axis Chandelier, 2) Towner Chandelier, 3) Pearson Chandelier, 4) Dakota Wall Sconce

As grey and white homes continue to reign, we’ve seen designers take a variety of hardware approaches. First was nickel and chrome hardware, which remains the most widely-used choice and the safest, in our opinion. Chrome blends nicely with your stainless appliances, grey-to-white counters and white-on-white cabinetry and décor. Next, a bolder option of brassy tones emerged. We love the added warmth brass provides to the cool grey tones. Plus, its juxtaposition allows those pieces to really stand out and make a statement. But as of late, a third option is popping up: black hardware. This dark-to-black metal trend feels fresh while still having a nod to classic design. Black feels crisp and clean, through creating a sharper contrast. You can dip a toe into this trend with black pendant lights or sconces, or go full-force with black plumbing, cabinet and door hardware. Here’s a round-up of the dreamiest spaces we’ve seen incorporating this latest lighting trend.










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Home design with mixed metal lighting is my happy place. Do me a favor, pick up that outdated "rule book" of sticking with a single metal finish and throw it out the window (figuratively speaking- no littering please). The way I see it, a lot of design rules are made to be broken. Case in point: check out the stainless appliances paired with brass and bronze geometric pendant lights below- so amaze!



Two-toned metal fixtures add more personality, warmth and dimension to your space. Plus, it gives you two finish options to work with when it comes to other lights in your home- you gotta love that.


Hinkley Lighting Fulton Linear Chandelier in Brass and Bronze in Dining Room


Try a bronze and brass orb chandelier in your foyer, or multiple industrial glass shade pendants with brass and graphite accents over your kitchen island. Or my personal fave, a mixed metal open cage linear chandelier over your rectangular dining table (so fab).

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