Black is Back (and it's never looked better)...

Black is Back (and it's never looked better)...


First Row, Left to Right: 1) Fulton Foyer, 2) Urban Orb, 3) Brynne Pendant, 4) Ennis Lantern

Second Row, Left to Right: 1) Axis Chandelier, 2) Towner Chandelier, 3) Pearson Chandelier, 4) Dakota Wall Sconce

As grey and white homes continue to reign, we’ve seen designers take a variety of hardware approaches. First was nickel and chrome hardware, which remains the most widely-used choice and the safest, in our opinion. Chrome blends nicely with your stainless appliances, grey-to-white counters and white-on-white cabinetry and décor. Next, a bolder option of brassy tones emerged. We love the added warmth brass provides to the cool grey tones. Plus, its juxtaposition allows those pieces to really stand out and make a statement. But as of late, a third option is popping up: black hardware. This dark-to-black metal trend feels fresh while still having a nod to classic design. Black feels crisp and clean, through creating a sharper contrast. You can dip a toe into this trend with black pendant lights or sconces, or go full-force with black plumbing, cabinet and door hardware. Here’s a round-up of the dreamiest spaces we’ve seen incorporating this latest lighting trend.










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