Antique Brass + Gold Lighting

What better way to give a warm welcome into your space than antique brass and gold lighting? We love how sophisticated and subtle these gold and brass lighting fixtures are when added as the finishing touch to a space.

Brass and Gold Lights are so versatile in the home, which is one of the big draws to this trend. Keep it simple and light when paired with neutrals, or add an eclectic touch when paired with reclaimed wood decor. No matter how you spin it, these golden hues are guaranteed to pop.

Shop our personalized and hand-curated collection of gold light fixtures that feature ceiling mounted lights, gold pendants that are the perfect addition to foyers or in the kitchen, wall-mounted sconces to add a pop on either side of your bathroom mirrors, and everything in between!

Start your search for the perfect gold light fixture today, and use the filter options on this page to narrow down your search by room, size, style, and more! Not sure what size you need? We've got the perfect solution: our Lighting Size Guide