The chandelier first originated in medieval times, appearing in the homes of the wealthy, nobility, clergy, and well-to-do merchants. Back then, a chandelier was a symbol of oozing status and wealth for the rich and famous of the day. Today, though, Lighting Connection has made the chandelier available to all without reinventing the wheel. We offer a selection of killer modern and affordable chandeliers that don’t break the bank and provide excellent lighting with aesthetic value. A beautiful and modern chandelier WOWs guests (and let’s be honest, ours will WOW you too) as they enter your dining room. Shop our selection of modern and affordable chandeliers that fit all tastes and budgets.


We want you to find the perfect chandelier for your home, so feel free to use the filters included on this page. Narrow down your selection by height of fixture, bulb quantity and type, width of fixture, price, style, and color of chandelier.