Guest Blog: Rachel Beach of Craving Some Creativity

We’ve had the privilege of working with blogger Rachel Beach from Craving Some Creativity to help her select the perfect vanity lights for her stylish yet affordable guest bathroom remodel. Keep scrolling to see how it turned out (we know you’ll love it as much as we do)! Whether you need inspiration for DIY home improvement projects, crafts and/or recipes, Rachel is #onetofollow. Head on over to her blog today for some great homemaker tips + ideas and read on for Rachel's 5 easy ways to improve your bathroom on a budget!


Let’s be honest, we don’t all have extravagant budgets for making our homes inviting and beautiful. Sometimes, we all need a few easy tips and tricks to create that stylish look at a budget-friendly price. Even if you’re not quite ready for a full bathroom renovation, the smallest of changes can have a big impact! These five simple tips will help you easily and instantly upgrade your home bathroom with a fresh + new look.

Often, we think of filling a space horizontally. Especially in small spaces like powder rooms or small bathrooms, the walls are the main factor in decorating. Unfortunately, it is easy to overwhelm a small space when looking for ways to add personality and style. This is where thinking vertically is a creative way to make not only the room look larger, but to add character through the use of details that draw the eyes upward rather than side-to-side.



Try mounting your curtain rod higher or adding crown molding. Mirrors are also a great way to use vertical space because they create the illusion of a space being larger than it actually is, so taller mirrors are a great way to add height to a bathroom if your ceiling allows for it.

Swapping out dated light fixtures for new ones requires minimal work, is affordable, and can have a huge impact on the entire look + feel of your space.

Not only the fixture itself can change the whole look of a room, but the color and amount of illumination can have a big effect as well. Here are a few of my favorite affordable bath + vanity lights from Lighting Connection.  

1) Archie Sconce 2) Tanner Vanity Light 3) Enright Vanity Light 4) Fortune Sconce 5) Drake Vanity Light 6) Vintage Wall Sconce 7) Ravenwood Vanity Light 8) Monroe Wall Sconce 9) Mid-Century Vanity Light 

Updating hardware such as faucets, shower head, cabinet pulls, or even doorknobs are other “quick fixes” that have a huge impact. It may seem like a small thing, but replacing outdated or damaged hardware makes your space feel much more elegant and polished.

I do stress also that not every metal fixture in a room has to be the same finish or color if done correctly.


The most budget-friendly way for creating a stylish bathroom is to clear out the clutter. Bathrooms tend to attract clutter and by purging those extra items you’ll give it an open and fresh look. Another benefit of organizing all your bath products is that it allows us to focus on and more appreciate the beautiful design aspects of the room.

Example Items to Purge:

  • Expired Medicines
  • Crunchy Towels
  • Expired Beauty Products
  • Bath items that you don’t love or no longer use

Let’s talk about color. This last bit of advice actually goes well with our tip about updating the bathroom lighting as light makes a sizeable contribution to the perception of color. Have you ever taken a paint sample home and thought it looked like an entirely different color from the store? I think we have all been there.


Don’t be afraid to use bold colors in small spaces. I am always amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do.  However, some of the biggest design regrets also come in the form of paint. Choosing a color that’s super trendy is fine, if you are willing to paint again when that trend is over. Using a neutral backdrop with small punches of color is another option to make it easy to change color schemes.

The best part about these tips is that you don't have to do them all at once. You can incorporate these budget-friendly updates a little at a time and enjoy seeing the progress of the transformation over time, or you can tackle several in a weekend.  Stop stressing over your bathroom woes and not having the money to give it an upgrade when these small updates can have such a large impact.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll head on over to my blog for DIY inspo and shop my favorite lighting store, Lighting Connection!



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Black Fiveday Sale | 20% OFF the Entire Store Nov. 23rd - 27th!

Looking for stylish new lighting for your home but don't want to pay full price? During our five day Black Friday Sale, Nov. 23rd - 27th, is the perfect time to finally upgrade your home with brand new lighting because everything on our site is 20% off! Enjoy deep discounts this holiday on that stunning dining room chandelier you've been eyeing and super-cool pendant lights for your kitchen island. From inexpensive yet fashionable wall sconces and bath lights to our high end designer fave chandeliers, it's all included in this blowout holiday sale! Forget a one day Black Friday Sale and one day Cyber Monday Sale on home decor- we're giving you five full days of killer prices on the most on-trend lighting fixtures on the market! Simply sign up for our newsletter located at the top of our website to reveal the discount code! Please note Open Box Sale items are excluded from this holiday sale. Happy Shopping!

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Black is Back (and it's never looked better)...


First Row, Left to Right: 1) Fulton Foyer, 2) Urban Orb, 3) Brynne Pendant, 4) Ennis Lantern

Second Row, Left to Right: 1) Axis Chandelier, 2) Towner Chandelier, 3) Pearson Chandelier, 4) Dakota Wall Sconce

As grey and white homes continue to reign, we’ve seen designers take a variety of hardware approaches. First was nickel and chrome hardware, which remains the most widely-used choice and the safest, in our opinion. Chrome blends nicely with your stainless appliances, grey-to-white counters and white-on-white cabinetry and décor. Next, a bolder option of brassy tones emerged. We love the added warmth brass provides to the cool grey tones. Plus, its juxtaposition allows those pieces to really stand out and make a statement. But as of late, a third option is popping up: black hardware. This dark-to-black metal trend feels fresh while still having a nod to classic design. Black feels crisp and clean, through creating a sharper contrast. You can dip a toe into this trend with black pendant lights or sconces, or go full-force with black plumbing, cabinet and door hardware. Here’s a round-up of the dreamiest spaces we’ve seen incorporating this latest lighting trend.










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Beautiful Classic Kitchens

Home is where the heart is. And, in my family, the heart of the home is the kitchen. More reason to make it the best looking space in your home. One fear when designing kitchens is choosing a style that won’t age well. What if I get the style wrong and then I’m stuck with it forever? We get it. Our advice: choose a classic kitchen. Not too modern and not too traditional, this timeless design won’t confine you to a single style or become outdated. Because of subdued color palettes, clean lines and understated details classic kitchens are flexible, adapting beautifully to a wide range of interior trends. With a timeless kitchen it’s easy to completely change the look by simply switching out accessories that are on trend. No need to making any major changes. Exchange those traditional bar stools for industrial ones, inject the latest color or pattern trends by switching out the pillows in your breakfast nook. Updating your hardware or lighting doesn’t have to be expensive either (hello, lighting under $100). Over time, whether your style changes from industrial-to-eclectic, farmhouse-to-transitional or traditional-to-Mid-century modern, the classic kitchen will always be the perfect canvas to create your masterpiece. 




1) Ennis Lantern  2) Alden Pendant  3) Elmore Pendant

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Kitchen Lighting: How To Get It Right


 [powr-banner-slider id=a087c025_1481839849]

1) Alden + Quinn  2) Cadence + Fulton  3) Audrie + Mercer  4) Ellis + Quinn  5) Braelyn + Lucien  6) Blakely + Corrigan  7) Morris Lane + Jacqueline  8) Harrow + Circolo  9) Everly + Stanton  10) Fresnel + Rittenhouse  11) Staunton + Home Place  12) Parker Place + Winton  13) Westminster + Perryton  14) Westbrook + Camille


Daily we have customers asking our design team to help with selecting lights to complement each other within the same space; most frequently kitchen island pendants and breakfast nook chandelier. Walking that fine line of pairings that go well together without being to matchy-matchy can be difficult. While we're always here to help (please ask, we love it! below are some guiding principles to make sure you're selecting items that mesh well.

1. Select Cousins, Not Twins:  No one wants a room that looks like you picked up the entire furniture set, hello 70s. Same goes for lighting- don’t pick out fixtures that look like you got them from some ‘lighting-in-a-box’ store. We advise choosing fixtures that seem related without being from the same exact collection. This can apply to finish, style, or form. Cousins, not twins – get it?!  

2. Create a Focal Point:  Remember not every piece can take center stage. If you knocked it out of the park with your chandelier, don’t distract with over-the-top pendants as well.

3. Strike a Balance: Don’t be afraid to play with different textures, materials, finishes, silhouette and shapes. It’s all about balance and added interest. Drum shades are a great way to soften, glass creates airiness, orbs and globes add a soft feminine shape, brass and wood create warmth. You get the picture.

From modern-to-transitional, industrial-to-glam, we've hand-picked some of our fave kitchen lighting combos to make your life a little easier. Need someone from our design team to help? No problem! Email over specifics on your project and we'll jump on it:



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Perla Chandelier Giveaway

We've had so much fun working with Cade and Carrian of OhSweetBasil on their new office remodel. Take it from us, if you haven't checked out this drool-worthy food blog head on over and you'll be pinning up a storm.

Today we're excited to share with you Oh Sweet Basil's office reveal.  Cade and Carrian wanted a space where they could not only work on their blog but was inviting to their entire family. We think they knocked it out of the park, don't you?

The Perla Chandelier we selected for their space received so much buzz, we knew we had to give one away :).   Today is the day, and we're thrilled to announce our winner. Congrats Kim Motley!  For everyone else still dreaming of the Perla (we're with you!), enjoy this discount code for $50 off the Perla during the month of December! CODE: PERLAPLEASE

A special thanks to our our friends at Classy Clutter, Boys Ahoy, Design Loves Detail and E Interiors for partnering on this fun giveaway.


Perla Chandelier Winner





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Cyber Monday Flash Sales

Crossing your fingers that we’re going to have a Cyber Monday sale with deep discounts on some of your fave items? Get ready to do your happy dance because we’re having flash sales throughout the day ALL day (you’re welcome). On Monday, Nov. 28th from 12am-11:59pm you’ll have the chance to snag some of our hottest items at ‘too-good-to-be-true’ prices! Every 3 hours a new best-seller goes on sale, but once the 3 hours is up it’s lights out on that deal. So you have to act fast! Sign up for our emails ASAP to unlock the discount codes.  You’ll receive emails real-time throughout the day revealing which item is currently on sale and the discount code to use at check out. Trust us, you DO NOT want to miss these savings! Happy Shopping!

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