Trending Lucent Lights That You Need

Trending Lucent Lights That You Need

Regina Chandelier

The Regina Chandelier is an luxurious chandelier that has over 20 plates of uniquely shaped glass that form this unique three-tiered chandelier. 

Cynthia Sconce

The minimal Cynthia Sconce is a design force to be reckoned with. Setting the foundational stage is a gorgeous circular slab of natural alabaster, which is elevated by an antique brass or bronze steel accent that adds dimension.

Hilma Sconce

Inspired by the abstract art movement, Hilma Sconce speaks to the visual language of shape and form. Mixed metal, a bronze steel circular backplate is contrasted by antique brass steel piping and complemented by a clear seedy slump glass.

Arley Brass Sconce

The Arley Brass Sconce is a unique clear seedy glass plates that add a touch of curiosity. The varying finishes of the antique brass sets a stylish and graceful tone.

Luxe Glass Chandelier
Luxe Glass Chandelier

The Luxe Glass Chandelier is timeless and has a beauty all its own. Constructed of over twenty panels of organic seeded glass, each is formed by hand so they will feature their own individual form and natural edges.  

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