Top 10 Fixtures Of 2021

Top 10 Fixtures Of 2021

Our Top 10 Fixtures of 2021 are a combination of farmhouse, modern, and minimalist styles. If you didn't know, Black and Brass finishes also swept this year of trendy looks that have suited both traditional and modern spaces. 

If you want to add a touch of Black or Brass accents, consider switching out to these options:

1. Eustace Pendant

2. Colton Vanity

Valkyrie Outdoor Wall Lantern

3. Valkyrie Outdoor Wall Lantern

Colton Pendant

4. Colton Pendant

Basie Vanity

5. Basie Vanity 

Balboa Vanity

6. Balboa Vanity Light 

Rosalie Chandelier

7. Rosalie Chandelier

Holly Wall Sconce

8. Holly Wall Sconce

Balboa Chandelier

9. Balboa Chandelier

Banfield Pendant

10. Banfield Pendant

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