Budget-Friendly Lighting

Budget-Friendly Lighting

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Budget-Friendly Lighting

Nothing is better than transforming one of your favorite spaces at an affordable price. I mean, who doesn’t like saving money? If you are obsessed with DIYs and renovations like us, we are here to help and show you that these small changes aren’t scary at all. Updating your lighting in any room can truly change the vibe of the entire area. Maybe you still have that builder-grade chandelier in your foyer and it is time for a change, well, here at Lighting Connection, we can update that, no problem. And better yet, it won’t bust your pocketbook.

Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking that in order to “wow” others or even ourselves, we must go above and beyond and buy the most luxurious lighting out there. We’re here to let you know, that is false. All it takes is a small upgrade and you can really transform your area, especially when it comes to updating lighting. What better way to spice things up then adding in some brand-new affordable lighting to your home or design project? We’re about to give you all the resources you need in order to accomplish an easy, yet effective, makeover at a fraction of the cost.

Budget-Friendly Outdoor Makeover

It doesn’t take much to really take your outdoor living space to a new level of freshness. Here at Lighting Connection, we believe that lighting doesn’t have to just stay indoors. We dare you to add some new lighting to your outdoor living space. Not only is outdoor lighting functional, but it will also add warmth and can give your outdoor living space a little edge.

Some of our trendy, outdoor lighting favorites include:

1. Inman Sconce 2. Lauren Lantern 3. Coastal Sconce 4. Sebring Ceiling Mount 5. Lyndon Lantern 6. Maritime Sconce 7. Maybelle Lantern 8. Studio Globe Lantern 9. Brookside Sconce 10. Westington Lantern 11. Endicott Lantern 12. Winston Lantern 

Lighting Under $100

Updating your bathroom and kitchen lighting is an easy yet affordable way to really add a dose of character to your living space. It’s very affordable to add in a new vanity light for your guest bathroom or new pendants over your kitchen island. If you really want to create, you could also get a new flush mount to your closet or even your dining room. The opportunities are endless and we know you will love all the options we have here on our site.

Whether your style is mid-century modern, rustic, traditional, or boho-chic, we are positive you will be able to find something that will fit your design needs. Lighting Connection offers a wide variety of styles and yes, we are the masters of balling on a budget, so we can guarantee you we have trendy finds under $100. We’ve made it super easy for you to pick out your new lighting. Our site is heavily curated to fit your needs while remaining budget-friendly.

Some of our “Lighting Under $100” favorites include:

1. Timarron Sconce 2. Octave Vanity 3. Capital Glass Sconce 4. Fenella Sconce 5. Corbin Outdoor Mount 6. Archives Vanity 7. Wael Sconce 8. Luz Sconce 9. Armstrong Sconce 10. Briarwood Flush Mount 11. Cloe Bath Light 12. Clara Sconce

Social Inspiration

Finding design inspiration can get a little daunting at times. Trust us, we know there are numerous social media platforms and accounts to follow out there and sometimes you just don’t even know where to begin your search for design inspiration. At Lighting Connection, we make it our top priority to give you guys the most trendy and affordable lighting options for all of your design needs.

If you aren’t already, follow us on Instagram @lightingconnection to see our latest inspiring posts. 

Some of our favorite budget-friendly lighting inspiration we have listed below from some of our favorite bloggers.

We’re Here to Guide You

We understand that picking out lighting can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Have no fear - Lighting Connection has design consultants on-hand and we are here to support you and give you our design expertise. See something you already love? Shop now at lightingconnection.com or email us directly at hello@lightingconnection.com.

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Tom Hillman
Tom Hillman

These are useful tips to install budget-friendly lighting. We are looking forward to such more informative blogs from the lightingconnection team.

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