A Guide To Vanity Lighting

A Guide To Vanity Lighting

The value of great bathroom lighting is something that we can talk about all day long. We truly believe that simple lighting updates in your bathroom can not only modernize your design but also provide better lighting for the space. Whether your style is farmhouse, traditional, mid-century modern or transitional, we've gathered several designer-approved lighting options. 

The Starting Lineup

You know we never miss out on providing you with the trendiest, best-sellers that are hand-picked by our team. Styles that are currently trending for vanity lighting are mid-century inspired round globe shades, mixed metal finishes, clear glass shades with exposed bulbs, brass lighting and matte black vanity options.  The best of the best vanity lighting is here to make a statement and we have a wide variety of styles so that we can make it to everyone’s vanity lighting “Wishlist”. Take a look at some of our best-selling vanity lighting below; we're sure these will make you hit “add to cart”.

1. Colton Vanity 2. Eagan Bath Light 3. Drake Vanity 4. Basie Vanity 5. Balboa Vanity 6. Brantley Vanity 7. Aiden Vanity 8. Grange Bath Light 9. Balboa Vanity Light 10. Aimee Vanity 11. Pepper Vanity 12. Aaron Bath Light

Sizing Tips & Tricks

We’re here to help make things very simple for you. Our site is heavily curated so that your online shopping experience with us is not one bit overwhelming. Questions we hear all the time are: How many sconces do I need? What is the right layout to align with my vanity? Should I do sconces or just a traditional vanity light above my mirror?

 Look no further, as we have outlined below a very simple and easy guide when picking out your vanity lighting.

Don’t Forget The Light Bulbs

One of the most important steps in lighting that people forget about is using the appropriate light bulbs for your fixture. Most vanity lights can be mounted with the lights positioned downward or upward. If you are seeking task lighting, we recommend installing the fixture downward for the best visibility. If you are seeking to achieve ambient lighting, we highly suggest having the fixture installed upward. Things like wattage, color temperature, and lumens all play a factor in your room’s quality of light. Don’t be afraid to play around with different bulbs to add more character to your space.

If you are wanting to purchase bulbs for your fixture from us, please send us a chat, email, or give us a call and we can special order the perfect bulbs for you!

Helpful Tip: Please keep in mind to stay within the fixture’s recommended wattage range, as exceeding the wattage can ruin the fixture.



The Finishes & Styles

Vanity light shades come in a variety of shapes. If you dig more of the modern style, go for a cylinder shape. If your style is more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a classic bell shape. Go with a textured shade to add dimension or a simple clear shade to get more light output. 

Finishes: One of the easiest tricks to get started is to seek a bathroom light that complements the finishes of your plumbing hardware for a more unified look. Some of the most popular bathroom light finishes include:

Before & After Social Inspiration

Instagram and Pinterest are go-to's for collecting design inspiration for one's project. Tip: Start to save photos that speak to you. You'll start to see a trend in the styles, colors and finishes you're gravitating towards. Still stumped? Book a complementary session with one of our designers. We love to discuss all things design and make recommendations for your space. 

Is there anything more motivating than a great before-and-after project reveal? Here are some of our favorite before-and-after designs for some great inspiration:



Bath Lighting Refresh

We hope that we have inspired you to refresh your vanity lighting in your home or next design project. Whether it’s new sconces or a multi-light vanity, we can ensure you that the lighting alone will update up your space, bringing value to your home. 

We here to guide you through all of your lighting needs. Our in-house design consultants will be happy to walk you through your process and assist with any questions you may have for us. Shop now at lightingconnection.com or email us directly at hello@lightingconnection.com.

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