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How to Choose the Perfect Lighting

Lighting Size Guide

Having sweet dreams of fabulous lighting but having nightmares that you won't pick the right size or put it in the right place? Our lighting size guide will help you become a lighting guru in no time. You got this!

When choosing a light fixture it's super important to consider the available space so that the fixture is balanced and proportionate to the room. To select the correct size you'll need to do a little math (say it isn't so!). Don't stress- it's easy breezy!

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C October 21, 2020

Does this take into consideration smaller houses? Suppose I have a living room that is 10×12

Rachel Mageo July 30, 2020

Thanks for the insight, I am having a hard time with kitchen island lighting;/

Kesia July 30, 2020

We’re doing a reno in kitchen. The island is 7ft. If I do pendant lights, how big in diameter should each be?

Jessica Britnell July 30, 2020

I’m looking to figure out the right size chandelier for my living room. The Space is 22 feet by 15 feet and 17 feet high. The two chandelier sizes are either 32 in or 44 in. The formulas all put me at 37 in. It’s a crystal chandelier with an iron orb around it from RH restoration hardware. How do I choose without buying two and returning?? Help!

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