Top Home Trends of 2020

Top Home Trends of 2020

Top Home Trends

Out with the old and in with the new. Like the runway, home trends are always evolving and changing from year to year. Whether your style is mid-century modern, rustic, boho chic, or even traditional, we are sure that these trends will fall in line with your style and you can easily merge these into your homes or DIY projects.   

Here are a few of our favorite trends we are looking forward to in 2020.


Goodbye cool tones, hello earth tones. Expect to see more olive greens, chocolate browns, and deep yellows; all colors that draw inspiration from the outdoors. Don't be afraid to try this trend via your accessories for a budget-friendly decor update. 




  • Warm Tones¬†- Earth tones are typically those inspired from nature; think muddy browns and tans, mossy greens or golden mustards. These colors are warm, friendly and versatile.
  • Incorporate Wood¬†-¬†We make it a rule to always add wood to a space, it adds instant warmth. There are endless options from which to choose: wood floors or cabinetry, wood beams, and wood furniture or lighting.
  • Take Inspiration Outdoors¬†-¬†When in doubt go outside. When considering colors, if it doesn‚Äôt exist in nature it probably isn‚Äôt a fit. Nature‚Äôs mix of textures and subdued colors are your best guide.

1. Earthshine Pendant 2. Arlo Chandelier 3. Calla Sconce 4. Nixie Chandelier 5. Smyth Chandelier 6. Geoffrey Chandelier 7. Idalia Chandelier 8. Bastian Chandelier 9. Sunniva Chandelier 10. Jarrod Drum Pendant 11. Osgood Pendant 12. Calliope Chandelier



In 2019, we began to see a rise in rattan furniture and lighting becoming increasingly popular. The woven, organic nature of rattan adds texture to your space, bringing depth and warmth.

"We searched high and low for woven pendants at the perfect scale," says Jaclyn Willbrand, Lighting Connection's Managing Partner. "After many months of collaborating with artisan weavers out of Vietnam, we are proud to exclusively offer Highlines Woven Bell Pendant and the Rowan Rattan Pendant."


  • Storage¬†- Wicker storage bins are an affordable and easy way to incorporate this trend into your home. Whether used in your living room or closet, storage bins are a quick way to provide style and functionality.¬†

  • Bathroom/Kitchen Lighting¬†- Try adding a wicker or rattan pendant or chandelier to your kitchen or bathroom design ‚Äď this will add tons of warmth and add a great focal point to your room.¬†

  • Furniture¬†- Rattan isn't solely for outside anymore. Dining chairs, consoles and side tables¬†are a few categories to explore using Rattan. We're loving this, this and this.¬†

Rattan and wicker lighting has seen rapid popularity. It adds an organic, worldly vibe to your space and is versatile enough for a variety of styles from transitional, to coastal to modern. 





1. Dex Sconce 2. Eryk Pendant 3. Antibes Chandelier 4. Bence Pendant 5. Vita Chandelier 6. Lulu Flush Mount 7. Poe Pendant 8. Lotte Pendant 9. Tangier Pendant 10. Florian Chandelier 11. Inigo Chandelier 12. Isla Chandelier


We were not surprised to see that black is going to be trendy for 2020. You cannot go wrong with classic black, as it is super versatile and can be used in a variety of styles and settings. 

We challenge you to get creative this year. Our in-house design expert Tasha Neely says, "The options are unlimited when it comes to black. You can easily incorporate black into any design with cabinet pulls, lighting, and plumbing fixtures."

Looking for a budget-friendly option? We have hand-picked a few quick and easy options that will keep you and your wallet happy.


  • Paint - Don't be afraid to use black as a wall color. We recommend an eggshell finish, which minimizes shine. It's important to select a space with lots of natural light and to choose decor in contrasting colors.
  • Picture Frames¬† - Black picture frames help unify a room, especially if the wallpaper or paint color is bright. If you have several pieces of art or photos framed within a space, use the same frame finish for balance.
  • Furniture - Black furniture is used in styles varying from traditional, to rustic, to contemporary. It's classic and crisp.


     Lighting Connection, Brynne Pendant

    Lighting Connection, Simon Sconce


    We have numerous options when it comes to classic black-lighting. We won't dare break your budget as these pieces are stylish and affordable. Here is our lineup of classic black lighting that's Lighting Connection approved.

    Matte Black Lighting

    1. Joan Sconce 2. Artistry Pendant 3. Brynne Pendant 4. Urban Orb  5. Greyson Sconce 6. Boudreaux Chandelier 7. Pearson Chandelier 8. Cambria Sconce 9. Organic Chandelier 10. Greyson Vanity 11. Simon Sconce 12. Organic Sconce




    Designers are predicting that minimalism will be thriving in 2020. "We've seen a surge in homeowners wanting sleeker, modern lighting, even in more transitional spaces that aren't uber-modern," says Jaclyn Willbrand, Managing Partner at Lighting Connection. "I'm totally on board with this trend because it provides the opportunity for beautiful layers of light in a no-fuss design."    


    • Texture -¬†Balance a neutral color palette with an interesting mix of textures and materials: warm woods, sleek concrete, marble with beautiful veins, and soft upholstered furniture.
    • Edit, Edit, Edit¬†- Masters of minimalism design understand that with less, everything must serve a purpose.
    • Lighting¬†-¬†Lighting is a big piece in minimal design. Layering different types of lighting provides dimension.¬† Mix ambient, task, and accent lighting.

    Minimalism Modern Lighting

    1. Nala Pendant 2. Essence Chandelier 3. Weiss Pendant 4. Fiama Chandelier 5. Paxon Pendant 6. Alden Sconce 7. Somerset Pendant 8. Orbel Sconce 9. Atlantic Pendant 10. San Vincente BLVD Chandelier 11. Paxon Angled Sconce 12. Sorno Pendant


    Venture out, try something new. Need help getting started? No worries - we've got you covered. Here at Lighting Connection, we have designers on-hand who are eager to assist throughout your entire journey. Shop now at or email us at 

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