Redecorating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Redecorating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Updating your bathroom can be a pricey and big undertaking. Luckily, these days with the surge in popularity of the DIY home makeover in addition to stylish steals in decor, redecorating your bathroom on a budget doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as it once was.

At Lighting Connection, we’re all about achieving the style you want without hurting your wallet. Here are a few tips on ways that you can give your bathroom a facelift with plenty of budget to spare.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors will amplify the light that’s reflected in your bathroom, making it feel more spacious. There are a few ways you can easily upgrade your look without it being a huge undertaking:

  1. If your bathroom comes standard with a mirror mounted with plastic clips, consider a DIY mirror frame like this one that HGTV featured. 
  2. Want to ditch your current mirror altogether? Hit up a thrift store or garage sale. It can be super fun and simple to find an older mirror and clean up or repaint the existing frame and hang it for an antique look that can be the focal point of the bathroom!
  3. For a his-and-hers bathroom, consider breaking up one large mirror into two smaller framed mirrors. You can add a sconce, plant, or cabinet in the middle to center the room as well. 

Drawer Pulls and Knobs

For many bathrooms, it’s possible that you have one if not more drawers or cabinets for storage in your bathroom. 

Though it may not be the first thing you notice when you walk in a bathroom, don’t underestimate the difference a shiny new drawer pull or knob can make on a space. Take a look at this bathroom featuring our Enright Vanity below: 

A contrasting finish can make all the difference and elevate the look of your bathroom! Whether you want to go modern with a sleek gold drawer pull or check out funky knobs from somewhere like Anthropologie, there are countless ways to mix up your style.

Affordable Vanity Lighting

Our favorite way to redecorate your bathroom on a budget is by finding stylish lighting and swapping it out for what comes standard in the space.

Whether you are looking for a pair of sconces to place on either side of your mirror(s) or a bath & vanity light to go above, we have plenty of affordable options under $100 or under $250

A few of our top vanity light picks include: 

1. Tanner Vanity Light

Available in 2, 3 or 4 light options, with 3 finishes, and starting at only $98!

2. Colton Vanity Light

We love this fixture because it comes in 4 different finishes and 3 sizes -- it’s the perfect chameleon for any bathroom and starts at only $98!

3. Hansford Vanity Light

The Hansford is available as both a single-light sconce (starting at $58) and goes up to a 4-light vanity option for $152.

4. Ravenwood

This modern black vanity light is available in a two, three, and four-light option, and starts at only $110. 

5. Drake

We love the versatility of everything in the Drake family! This vanity can be customized in 3 sizes and 4 finishes to match the fixtures of your bathroom and starts at $190!

A few of our top sconce picks include: 

1. Archives Bath Light

We’re a sucker for all things vintage and this light nails the style. Pick from one of two mixed metal options for just $85!

2. Greyson Sconce

Starting at $82, the Greyson can be found in 5 different finishes and is a great statement piece for either side of the mirror in your bathroom! 

3. Octave Vanity

A stylish steal in its own right, the Octave is available in both a sconce and a vanity, comes in 4 finishes and starts at only $62! 

Tips for Sizing & Hanging Your Bathroom Lighting

It can be tough to decide which size of a light to purchase, and how to determine where to hang them. We’re here to help. 

For a vanity, you’ll want to use your mirror as a guide for selecting a light. We suggest a piece that’s 24” wide that is the equal width or smaller than the mirror itself.

If you’re choosing to mount sconces in your bathroom, we suggest having them mounted 6” away from the mirror on each side and approximately 36-40” apart if you’re doing a single small mirror. 

Take a look at our sizing tips below for a visual on these dimensions and tips.


Ready to roll with your remodel?

We want to help and be a part of your budget-friendly bathroom redecoration project! Give us a call or chat with us today for a free lighting consultation. We’ll help you to identify lights that fit your needs and style.

Plus, we’d love to see your photos. Tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #MYLIGHTINGCONNECTION for a chance to be featured on our social media accounts and website.

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