Sputnik Chandeliers

Here at Lighting Connection we offer a unique collection of modern and affordable sputnik lighting styles. Because we explore all of the available lighting options out there and are so particular about what lighting make it to our site, you don’t have to question whether or not you’re getting the most stylish modern lighting and at the best prices.  

Sputnik chandeliers are key design elements for the popular mid-century modern interior style. This type of modern and unique light fixture derives its name from the first satellite to orbit the earth in 1957 and pays homage to space-age, futuristic design while complementing a wide variety of home styles. From chandeliers, flush mounts, pendant lights and even wall sconces, these starburst light fixtures come in all types of configurations, but the fundamentals remain the same: Multiple long arms protruding from a center piece like a burst of atomic energy. Often times these starburst chandeliers have adjustable arms allowing you to customize the sputnik fixture for just the right look.

Our variety of modern and affordable sputnik ceiling fixtures are all LED compatible while some are integrated LED. We have different styles of starburst ceiling lights that complement a wide array of home décor such as mid-century modern, farmhouse, transitional, and contemporary.  While we pride ourselves on our economical price points that customers love, we do have a few pieces that we’ve deemed splurge-worthy because they really WOW and are worth every pretty penny. Choose from brass, gold, nickel, chrome, bronze, black and crystal to create a new focal point for your space.  

We want you to find a sputnik light fixture that you absolutely love, so reach out to us by email, chat or phone for free design consulting and help with sizing. You can also use the filters on this page to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Search by specifics like pricing, style, color, and dimensions.