Hallway Lighting

The hallway: one of the first things that friends and family see when you welcome them into your home. Though it’s easy to overlook the hallway as a mere connection between more exciting rooms in the house, don’t forget about this essential space. The hallway helps define how large or small your home feels, and lighting plays a big role in that. Because space is a precious commodity in your home’s hallways, adding artistic flair and personality via creative lighting solutions is a great way to make your home feel more spacious without feeling cluttered. Your home’s hallways are also an opportunity to tell your family’s story, with photos and art work adorning the walls, giving your home the bedrock of character you’ve come to know and love.  

We want you to find the perfect lighting for the hallways of your home, so feel free to poke around our selection here. We’re sure we’ve got the type of light to fit your personal style, from rich warm gold and copper lighting fixtures to clean, contemporary silver, neutral, and white wall sconces. Our designs cover a vast array of inspired ideas, from bohemian agate sconces to beautiful antique French countryside pieces, to whimsical nautical notions.

To help find the perfect light for your hallways, be sure to use the filters included on this page. Narrow down your selection by bulb type and number, color of fixture, location (moisture resistance), height of fixture, style, width of fixture, and price.