Guest Blog from The Leslie Style: White Hot Lighting

Guest Blog from The Leslie Style: White Hot Lighting

Hi, my is Leslie Biggley and I’m the blogger and designer behind I’m so excited to be sharing with you my favorite lighting trend: white lighting!  

White lights give you infinite design flexibility. For example, when you’re making decisions about your home, one of the biggest questions you ask yourself, almost immediately is which metal you’re going to work with. Brass, polished nickel, bronze, iron? There are so many possibilities that it’s really hard to choose. What if you didn’t have to choose? That’s why I love white lighting, white lights work with any metal and keep your home feeling airy and modern.



In my own home, I’ve used the Tilda Chandelier in my living room and the Jarrod chandelier in my family room. I was able to mix multiple metals into both spaces and I can change the decor in my spaces easily. My Tilda chandelier easily transitioned when my living room became a dining room for a fun blogger challenge.



You don’t have to worry that your white lights will fade into the background because it’s the texture, shape, and warm glow that really makes a light pop. The white lights in both of my spaces are absolutely the focal point in the room, without dictating the rest of my design decisions-- the best of both worlds!



Lighting Connection has an amazing collection of white lighting to suit every space in your home. I’m sharing my current white lighting obsessions below!


1. Willow Chandelier / 2. Big Sky Chandelier / 3. Ceramic Giraffe Sconce /  4. Peyton Saltspray Chandelier / 5. Tilda Chandelier / 6. French Cottage Foyer / 7. Jarrod Drum Pendant / 8. Leighton Pendant / 9. Leighton Linear Pendant / 10. Broche Pendant Chandelier / 11. Tilda Pendant / 12. Fred Sconce / 13. Duncan Bath Light / 14. Ralston Chandelier 

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